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Annual Conference 2002: Current Issues in Competition Policy

From: 2002-08-30 to: 2002-08-31
Place: Bonn, Germany

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Conference Objectives

The principle objective of the conference was to encourage economic research and to strengthen contact between applied and academic economics.

Conference Topics

The conference wanted to offer a platform to discuss theoretical developments and practical experiences alike. In theoretical economics different theories try to explain the necessity and the optimal level of competition policy. How can those theories be translated in practical policy? Which effects can competition policy have on macroeconomic indicators like inflation, productivity gains and growth? What has been changed by new developments like globalisation and technological progress?

For a detailed list of topics see the conference programme below.


The conference was addressed to experienced researchers, recently graduated students and professionals from business, government or non-governmental institutions.

Conference programme

At the evening of August 30, 2002, the conference was opened with four introductory lectures.

* Prof. Martin Hellwig, PhD., Chairman of the German Monopolkommission
Access to Essential Facilities as a Problem for Competition Policy

* Hans-Willi Hefekäuser, Senior Executive Vice President, Government Relations, Competition Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Telekom AG
Competition Policy: The Perspective of an Enterprise

* Dr. Andreas Strohm, DG Competition, Merger Task Force, European Commission,
Application of economic theory in practice: The example of European Merger Control

* Dr. Matthias Schürgers, Head of the Economic Policy Department from the German Economic Ministry
Current Issues in Germanys Competition Policy

The following day, accepted papers were presented in two parallel sessions:

Session I: General Trends and Policy Instruments
Chair: Michael H. Stierle, INFER and European Commission, Belgium

Inter-Jurisdictional Competition
Dirk Hannowsky

Competition Policy and Transaction Cost Economics
Matthias Busse

Licensing in the Scope of Antitrust Law: An Assessment of Exclusion and
Collusion Strategies
Emmanuel Combe, Tek-Ang Lim

Public Investment as Regulatory Instrument in a Monopolistically Competitive Market
Iván Barreda-Tarrazona, Aurora García-Gallego, Nikolaos Georgantzís, Vicente Orts-Ríos

Institutional Aspects of Complex International Competition Policy Arrangements
Oliver Budzinski

International Cartels and Competition Policy – What’s Behind the Recent Success?
Kai Hüschelrath

Austrian Competition Policy: Past, Present and Future
Michael Böheim

Session II: Networks and Market Studies
Chair: Michael Pickhardt, Bergische University, Wuppertal, Germany

Competition and Technical Efficiency of Ukrainian Manufacturing Enterprises
Iryna Akimova, Alexander Scherbakov

Network Effects – A Task for Competition Policy?
Ulrike von Schütz

Liberalisation of European Network Industries: Towards a new Strategy
Fabienne Ilzkovitz, Gaëtan Nicodème

German Natural Gas Market Deregulation: A Never Ending Story?'
Matthias Niederprüm, Michael Pickhardt

Predatory Behavior in Air Transport Markets: A Perpetual Challenge to Competition Policy?
Frank Fichert

A Model of the Card Payment System and Interchange Fee
Paul De Grauwe, Laura Rinaldi

Resale Price Maintenance for Books in Germany and the European Union:
A Legal and Economic Analysis
Jürgen G. Backhaus, Reginald Hansen

Publication of papers

The papers presented at the conference are published as INFER Research Edition Vol. 8.

Conference Committee

Dr. Michael H. Stierle, Clemens Esser and Dr. Laurent Maurin


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