INFER Best Paper Award

An INFER best paper award is awarded since 2007 for the best paper presented at the Annual Conference by a young economist under the age of 30. Moreover, since 2012 INFER awards a Joint Research Prize for the best jointly writen paper by at least one INFER member. In 2015, INFER decided to award the Policy Research Prize for the policy papers.

The INFER best young economist award has been given to:

2007, Gregory Ponthiere, Can Underemployment Persist in an Expanding Economy? Clues from a Non-Walrasian OLG Model with Endogenous Longevity

 2008, Raffaele Fiocco, Bargaining and Collusion in Regulation

2009, Steven Poelhekke, Urban Growth and Uninsured Rural Risk: Booming Towns in Bust Times

 2010, Oliver Lerbs, Does home ownership really cause unemployment? Evidence from German regional data

2011, Stefan Schüder, Monetary Policy Trade-Offs in a Portfolio Model with Endogenous Asset Supply

2012, Wouter van der  Wielen, An assessment of fiscal rules and sustainability using an overlapping generations approach: an application to Belgium

2013, Magdalena Ignatowski & Josef Korte, Wishful Thinking or Effective Threat? Tightening Bank Resolution Regimes and Bank Risk-Taking

2014, Svetlana Fedoseeva & Laura M. Werner, Asymmetry and Hysteresis: Two Perspectives on Pricing-to-Market Nonlinearity

2015, Aya Ahmad, Asymmetric cartel formation under trade liberalization


2016, Mariona Segú, Taxing Vacant Appartments: Can fiscal policy reduce vacancy? (with Benjamin Vignolles)


The INFER Joint Research Prize has been awarded to:

2012, Daniel Oto-Perlalías & Diego Romero Ávila, Tracing the Link between Government Size and Growth: The Role of Public Sector Quality


2013, Alexandru Minea, Jean-Louis Combes & René Tapsoba, Inflation Targeting and Fiscal Rules: Do Interactions and Sequence of Adoption Matter?

2014, Armand Fouejieu, Alexandra Popescu & Patrick Villieu, Monetary Policy and financial Stability: In Search of Trade-offs


2015, Jitu Tamuli & Mrinal Kanti Dutta, What Determines Farmers' Decision to Buy Irrigation Water in Water Abundant Regions? A Study of Groundwater Markets in Assamin Eastern India


The INFER Policy Research Prize has been awarded to:

2015, Christian Oberst, Prosumer Preferences Regarding the Adoption of Micro-Generation Technologies: Empirical Evidence for German Homeowners (with Reinhard Madlener)

2016, Nathalie Picarelli, There Is No Free House. Low-Cost Housing & Labour Supply: Evidence from South-Africa



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Extended deadline news

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Stocks or flows? New thinking about monetary transmission through the lending channel

Author: Javier Villar Burke
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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What is Different about Urbanization in Rich and Poor Countries? Cities in Brazil, China, India and the United States

Author: Juan Pablo Chauvin Edward Glaeser Yueran Ma Kristina Tobio
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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Taxing Vacant Apartments: Can fiscal policy reduce vacancy?

Author: Mariona Segú Benjamin Vignolles
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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