Publishing Opportunities

Publishing Opportunities with INFER

INFER offers members the possibility to publish their research on a whole ranges of economic issues. The following are INFER’s current publication opportunities:


1. INFER working papers

(on any topic of interest, the copyright stays with the author)


2. Book Series

Current Issues in Economic Research, published by INFER

INFER Advances in Economic Research with Edward Elgar (copyright transfer to Edward Elgar)


3. Journals

Journal of Economic Policy Reform

International Economics and Economic Policy

International Journal of Public Policy

International Journal of Finance

International Journal of Economic Issues

Applied Economics Quaterly

Economic Research Guardian

Revue d'Etudes Régionales et Urbaines

Papers presented at INFER workshops and conferences are eligible for consideration in INFER publications. A double blind refereeing process is put in place before any paper is accepted for publication. INFER has agreements with the journals listed above to publish special issues. Special issues in other journals may appear from time to time based on the specific workshop\conferenc topics and the opportunity to match this topic with an appropriate journal.

How does our reviewing process work?

The publications of INFER are subject to a multistage reviewing process to ensure the scientific quality of our publications. At least two independent referees review submitted papers. The result of the reviewing process and potential needs for alterations will be communicated to the author. If the result of the reviewing process is positive, the author will receive a publication contract from the relevant publication outlet. All INFER special issues will adhere strictly to the quality controls of the particular journal.

Which formal requirements have to be observed?

As is standard practice, the publication outlets listed above have specific formatting requirements that must be adhered to. For details please ask the chair of the Publications Committee, see below for contact details.

Any questions?

If you would like your research to be considered for publication with INFER please contact the Chair of INFER’s Publication Committee, David Duffy, where you will be given advice and guidence on what to do next. Send an email to



INFER Workshop in Kaifeng - Extended deadline

event starting date: 2016-03-18

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Extended deadline for the INFER Annual Conference 2017

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Extended deadline news

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Extended deadline news

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Stocks or flows? New thinking about monetary transmission through the lending channel

Author: Javier Villar Burke
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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What is Different about Urbanization in Rich and Poor Countries? Cities in Brazil, China, India and the United States

Author: Juan Pablo Chauvin Edward Glaeser Yueran Ma Kristina Tobio
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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Taxing Vacant Apartments: Can fiscal policy reduce vacancy?

Author: Mariona Segú Benjamin Vignolles
Publishing house:
year: 2016

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