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10th INFER Workshop on Economic Policy: Competition in Deregulated and/or Privatized Industries

From: 2006-10-20 to: 2006-10-21
Place: Montpellier, France

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Conference Topics

Since the middle of the 1970s a great move towards deregulation can be observed in many sectors of the economy. This shift toward liberalized markets was initiated in the United States and reached Europe during the 80s’. Many industrial sectors have, so far, been subject to liberalization, most prominently network industries like energy (electricity and gas), telecommunication, railways and postal services among others.

In some cases liberalization was accompanied by privatization of former state-controlled monopolies. In some network industries, however, deregulation alone failed to bring the expected level of competition and former monopolies were prolonged under the new regime because of the lack of accompanying competition policy interventions. As a consequence deregulation failed to bring the expected sustainable welfare enhancing effects. Because of these disappointing results deregulation per se has fallen into some disrepute.

The extent of the structural changes involved have stimulated economic research to a great extend. Research has focused on the deregulation process by itself and on the results it could bring in terms of the degree of opening to competition, impact on social welfare and restructuring of the markets.

Nowadays debates are still vigorous focusing on prospects for these markets including among others: investments efforts and quality of the services, the willingness and effects of privatization, and the development of networks, the evolution of demand and market structures, the viability of incumbents or competitors and the convergence between markets among others.

The INFER workshop Competition Policy in Deregulated and/or Privatized Industries aims at discussing these issues in a broad sense. Theoretically, empirically and policy orientated papers on all deregulated and/or privatized Industries and on related issues are welcomed for presentation. Covered industries may include, but are not limited to: energy, telecommunication, railways, air transport and postal services among others.

Target group

The conference is addressed to both experienced researchers and professionals from academic institutions, business, government or non-governmental institutions. Junior scholars and PhD students are especially encouraged to submit a paper.

Submission of papers

Deadline for submission of papers was June 30, 2006.

All papers will be peer reviewed. Authors of accepted papers will be notified no later than July 30, 2006.

Publication of papers

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be published in one or more conference volumes shortly after the conference. For details of possible publication outlets use the link on publications.


Please find a downloadable version of the preliminary programme below the text.

Thursday , 19th October, 2006


Registration - Amphi 319 (third floor)

Friday, 20th October, 2006

Session - Amphi 319 (third floor)


Welcoming by the hosting institution and team


Podesta, Bundling and competition on the energy market


Girault, Bundling and vertical relations in the European energy market


Coffee Break


Keynote speech 1

Marc Trotignon (EDF)

EDF-RDF on electricity markets


Buffet lunch


Bernard/Nouri/Roland, Impact of regulatory agencies on the efficiency of publicly owned firms


Glachant/Perez, Institutional Economics and network industry deregulation policy


Beschorner/Veit, Switching the supplier in the German deregulated electricity market


Coffee Break


Keynote speech 2

Philip Wright University of Sheffield

Liberalisation and high gas prices: the case of the UK


Boeheim, Incentive-driven quality regulation in Austrian electricity markets


da Silva Leite, A capacity market for the Brazilian electricity industry


Bazart, Concentration on energy markets: some evidence


Social Event, Dinner

Saturday, 21st October, 2006

Session A: Energy

Amphi 319




Baranes/Mirabel/Poudou, Market concentration and collusive behavior



Vasques Josse/Verdol, LNG infrastructure: challenges and opportunities for new market players



Clastres, Gas release programs and strategies of incumbents

Session B: Transport

Room 318


Knaus, Competing on the rails: evidence from the UK experience


Meinhold/Pickhardt, Optimal road pricing and endogenous user behavior


Fichert/Hüschelrath Air transport: Economic effects of transatlantic liberalization


Coffee Break


Close of the Conference

Amphi 319


Meeting of the INFER Working Group

“Competition Theory and Policy”


Montpellier Walking tour

Workshop fee

The registration fee for speakers and other participants will be:

Please note: the annual membership fee for private INFER members is 25 EUR only (institutional INFER members 200 EUR). You are invited to become a member!


Participants who present a paper should register by September 15, 2006. If you want to attend this INFER Workshop, please print the registration form and send or fax the completed copy to INFER. Please do not forget your signature.


The workshop will take place at Université Montpellier I, UFR Sciences Economiques, Montpellier France,

Espace Richter
Avenue de la Mer
CS 79606
34690 Montpellier Cedex 2

Travel & Accommodation

Montpellier airport is fairly close to the conference venue (about 5 km). The airport is used by, notably, Alternatively, you may use Nîmes airport as it also provides low fare carriers (half an hour by car or train from Montpellier) or Perpignan (1h30 from Montpellier by train). Gerona airport (Spain) is linked to Montpellier by a daily train that goes from Montpellier (France) to Valencia (Spain).

A list of hotels is available below.

Hôtel Mercure Montpellier Antigone  *** 

(From 100  to 120 €)

(10 min walking distance from the city center; 5 min from the university)

285 Bd Aéroport International

34 000 Montpellier


tel (+ 33) 4 67 20 63 63

fax (+33) 4 67 20 63 64

Hôtel des Arts **

(From 30 to 60 €)

(City Center; 15 min walking distance from the university)

6 bd Victor Hugo

34 000 Montpellier


tel (+ 33) 4 67 58 69 20

fax (+ 33) 4 67 58 85 82

Email :

Hôtel d’Angleterre

(From 40 to 60 €)

(City Center; 15 min walking distance from the university)

7 rue Maguelone

34 000 Montpellier


tel (+ 33)4 67 58 59 50

fax (+ 33)4 67 58 29 52

Email :

IBIS Centre Montpellier Comédie

(From 50 to 80 €)

(City Center; 10 min walking distance from the university)

Allée Jules Milhau
Immeuble Le Triangle

tel (+ 33)4 99 13 29 99
fax (+ 33)4 67 58 77 50

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